Warcraft III Reforged is a Massive Fail

warcraft 3

Are SJWs a self correcting issue? When are these poz ridden companies going to change management that purges all the useless diversity and talentless hack leftists purely for the sake of actually making money? I honestly don’t give a fuck what their reasoning is, if it makes them fix it I’ll probably pirate it.

Don’t be a snarky faggot, I’ve been playing Warcraft 3 at least once a month for at least 15 years. When you’ve been playing a game that long you eventually notice all the inconveniences, bugs and chunkiness. In a perfect world, Whorecraft Tree: Refunded would have fixed all the problems of Classic, not add more. Oh yeah, and apparently the Chinese translation is awful. Like, reverse-Engrish levels of awful. Chinese gamers are memeing the shit out of it.

See this image? This basically says “Ah, such muda power!”. As a result, the Chinese are making a bunch of JoJo memes about this character. They’ve made entire maps with dubbed JoJo dialogue like this.

And again, Chinese gamers have memed the shit out of these lines as well. More accurately, Arthas said he would fuck the sword at all cost with elephants or something along that line. It’s poorly written so it can be read different ways.

As far as I know, the game has no Chinese voice acting. I believe it’s the English version subbed in Chinese. If anything that makes it funnier, because that means some people are actually able to tell what they’re meant to be saying.