Warframe is Free and Innovative as an MMO


Beware new players: This game has a lot to learn and it doesn’t teach you by holding your hand! After completing an early tutorial mission, you’ll soon find out that the world of Warframe is much more vast and complex. There are tactics, character nuances and tricks that you’ll pick up as you have fun grinding through missions. Every time I launch the game, I learn something new. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time immersed in this game and I can’t believe that this F2P game has so much to offer! Side note: The free to play mechanics are done very well. The game doesn’t block you or turn into a snooze-fest just because you don’t want to pony up the dough.

Played the game for thousands of hours also a founder of the game, I would not recommend this game to anyone. Right now nothing is good about the game, the only reason I keep playing is because of how much time I already put in.

- No real endgame
- Grindy as hell (not bad if you have no life)
- Promised content never implemented the way its previewed (like what was shown in Tennocon)
- No real challenge in the game (have to go 30min into a Kuva requiem survival for it to even feel hard)
- Devs do not understand the concept of challenge vs reward
- No way to distinguish a vet or a player who put thousands hours in the game vs someone who is new (with fashion frame everyone can look “cool”)
- Devs do not understand that exclusivity is a good thing in games (strives players to become better if there is a goal, if everyone has everything than nobody is special… ex. WoW and epic mounts from raid achievements)
- Devs do not understand how to balance (every time a weapon is seen as “overpowered” its nerfed to the ground)
- Massive content droughts (might get one big content update or two if you are lucky through the year)
- Bugs everywhere (whenever something new is introduced everything breaks)
- Every time new content is added its just another “grind island” thats isolated from the whole game