Was It Worth Destroying the Economy to Save a Few Boomer's Lives?

boomer trash

>30 million unemployed
>4 million cannot pay their mortgage
>50% cannot pay their rent
>food chains are breaking down
Question anons was this worth less than 1/3 of 1% of the population being infected?

Is this an economic / societal collapse hidden or softened with a fake virus?

I said from day 1 that the best course of action was to basically do nothing. I fucking hate always being right and almost everyone else being wrong.

Do you seriously expect food chains to run as normal when nobody is allowed to go in to work? Are you fucking retarded?

It’s an economic collapse with the Covid to blame. Just like the “dot com” crash and the “subprime mortgage” crash.
Our economy now is 70% debt/consumer based.
>bail out the big banks to loan to the poor
>when the poor cannot service their debts anymore
>reset bail out the banks again with printed money
>loan to the poor again

May 1st is when the communist revolution begins. Even Trump supporters are realizing that capitalism has failed.