We've gotten over 54,000 views during the past 10 days

Our website is on FIRE!

We have gotten over 54,000 views during the past 10 days and I’ll prove it to you with screen shots below. Each article has a GET and a HEAD. The GET item is what lists the actual views, while the HEAD item is something else. I’ve added it all up and it comes out to over 54,000 views. It seems that women, beta males, and faggots are really triggered by our blog. To all of the cucks and bitches and faggots and losers who hate this site? I am fucking unstoppable. You cannot stop me. I am like a Terminator, a robot that will never stop trying to troll and trigger feminists, liberals, and cucks. You fucking losers are not going to win the cultural battle. The only losers who love socialism are millennials. The younger generation, Generation Z, aka zoomers, fucking hate millennials and hate socialism and hate liberalism and hate everything millennials stand for. God help the scumbag millennials when enough of the zoomers come of voting age. Generation Z is based as fuck. I have spoken to 100s of GenZ kids thru my social media trolling accounts and they are hardcore edgy. They love Hitler memes and Holocaust memes, not because they are Nazis, but because it is edgy and triggers the snowflake millennials. God bless Generation Z! The future is very bright! Oh, and GenZ girls are all against feminism too. Millennials are completely fucked!