Western Countries are Beyond any Hope of Fixing

get out

Start treating women like shit for no reason. You have been conditioned the behave as if women are entitled to your kindness. They aren’t. You have also been conditioned to feel bad as soon as a woman does. So treat them the way they treat you, give them real equality, treat them like shit. As you do this more and more, you’ll stop tying your self-worth to the opinion of women. You’ll stop caring when they cry. You’ll gain tremendous confidence when they start begging you just to acknowledge them and realize you are in control. Stop being a simp and stop thinking women are irreplaceable. This type of thinking is what gets men to get married and it destroys their lives because they are young and inexperienced with women. It’s mostly bluepilled men that genuinley believe love is a real thing and men and women aren’t different. Women are different from men, I’ve learned first hand all their manipulation games over 5 years. I never understood bros that obsess over women. Such an unironic waste of time. As a guy your natural state is task oriented and scaling the dominance hierarchy. Define your ideal self and then work towards that. Could include anything from being a business owner to a political leader, even an esport professional idfk. Whatever it is you don’t need a woman to be in your natural state. They unironically need us more than we need them.

I’ve known a lot of Mexican girls that want white American men, there are a lot of educated and conservative women here. I know a super hot girl conservative and intelligent married a norwegian guy in his 33-36 and they had a white kid. Now I want to ask, are white women worth the difficulty of learning a lenguage in your country? I wanted to marry a german girl in the past but /pol/ has redpilled me on them I met a German girl on the internet and she was the most arrogant piece of shit I’ve ever met.

At this point I don’t think anything can be done. All the important decisions that created this social milieu were made decades ago. Even if you changed everything tomorrow, the lingering damage would probably be enough to bury any counter-momentum. And at the very least, any realistic expectation of change won’t be in time to save the prospects of older men. A huge revolution right now might fix things in time for zoomers to have normal families, but like on so many other things, millennials, the children of the recession, would be passed over. You lost me at Tinder. Tinder is great if you want to catch gonoherpesyphilaods. I tried Tinder and the worst of the worst are on there. Hooked up with a women who has a few years on me. I’m 30 and she is 36. We got a kid now and I met her just hanging out with friends and doing hobbies. The real trick is finding a hobby you enjoy and meeting someone who also loves that hobby.