Western Women Act Entitled Like Spoiled Brats

Avoid western women

Ever since we gave women rights they just started acting entitled as shit. They feel entitled to good paying jobs (despite the fact they usually don’t put in the same effort as men and take longer leave) AND they feel that a man should pay for everything. They want to be able to act unbearably annoying, clingy, jealous and even psychology abusive and feel that the man should have to put up with it but feel the man should have to change for her. They want to date tall men with a big dick and a lot of money, not even because they find these things attractive but as a status thing; but if men find certain physical traits unattractive in a women he is a pig. They want to be able to cheat but have a loyal man. They want to be able to physically and emotionally abuse their spouse for life but have the man send to jail if he so much as slaps her. They want abortion because they don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of their actions. They want to date manly men but want to feminize men so they can make them their bitch. They want to be able to join the army but don’t want to be able to be drafted. They want to have sex and be able to revoke consent afterwards. They want more rights than men but none of the responsibility. They want a world tailored to them and they essentially do yet cry about society being male dominated when it clearly isn’t. If a man gets drunk and commits a crime he is still responsible for his actions and he would get arrested. If a woman gets drunk and has sex with a man then the man gets arrested because women are more vulnerable when they are drunk. Women get most of the benefits and pretty much none of the responsibilities. Not to mention that women are way more selfish than the majority thinks they are. Women get away with a lot and that is why I pretty much hate most women. Don’t get me wrong I hate my fellow men too, but I have been bullied by mostly girls my whole life and when I became an adult there have been a bunch of women that made my life hell, so therefore I just learned to hate women.