Western Women are Being Driven to Complete Madness

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These sentiments about MGTOW and anti-marriage are definitely widespread. However, I think you are vastly underestimating the degree of damage and dissatisfaction that women are experiencing. In the USA, something like 20-25% of women are on antidepressants. Even more on anti-psychotics, drug addictions, etc. They are emotionally crippled. It’s a wasteland out there. I think the only reason that these numbers are not close to 100% is that there are just a large contingent that can’t afford the medical care or bring themselves to admit they need it. You can find plenty of men who have experienced domestic violence at the hands of women. We know that they will get extremely enraged if they can’t get enough attention. The innovation of things like instagram that have allowed women to get synthetic attention has dimmed their awareness of their rapidly dropping sexual market value, which has held off the emergence of widespread emcel violence. As the market value of the vagina turns negative and the social media validation wears then, we’re likely to see widespread and severe emergence of emcel psychopaths, unless we find ways to help them cope.

There are custodial issues that arise with this currently. Courts have been known to grant visitation and even custody rights to women who signed their claims away as surrogate mothers. This becomes increasingly likely as your brood grows. Artificial wombs hold off this possibility, and allow you to actually obtain sovereign control over a large spawn pool that can be raised properly. Yes, the technology as it exists today is unwieldy. This is why the market value of pussy is still above zero, although not by much. It has dropped from lifetime commitment and 80%+ control over life’s wages, to a dinner or two for the respectable women or mere status display for the total whores. However, it remains true that the bot technology is improving and the market value of biological pussy continues to plummet. The inevitability of the trend here is clear, and clinging to the fact we haven’t reached the inversion point quite yet reeks of cope.