Western Women are Sluts

avoid sluts

Modern Western society has raised the current crop of women into sluts and told them it’s good, admirable behavior. Enabled it with things like Tinder. Shamed men for wanting traditional relationships. And told her that men who think her high ‘count’ is disgusting are worthless garbage. Jesus, what I wouldn’t give for traditional gender roles and the support system behind them, where young women are raised early on to respect men and be dutiful, kind, loving wives to their husbands and provide them children, and in return men provide shelter, protection, and security.

But with the state acting as daddy and husband to women who fuck and pop out children outside of wedlock, that is impossible. They are no longer dependent on men for support. With employers forced to hire women, and women’s natural tendency to go with the flow or not rock the boat (and never, ever negotiate for higher pay or a raise), men are forced to compete against an entire gender of employees who will accept lower pay and are easier on the eyes.

I cannot begin to express how difficult it is to find a woman over 20 who hasn’t burned the coal (translation: fucked a black man), doesn’t have kids, actually wants children, and who isn’t some kind of degenerate whore depending on where you live. We now know exactly what happens when females are liberated. they systematically work against everything that men build and defend with their lives, just because they are whiny destructive children. It can be demonstrated that once women could vote they always vote left, and White men always vote right.