Western Women are Worthless, Trashy, and No Smart Man wants one

western women

Why are western women so fucking trash. I just can not comprehend why they are. They just don’t do anything productive, they have no interesting hobbies. Plastic spoon personalities, Single use disposable items.Television is to blame. You seen women acting on TV and thought that is what normal is. Then you grew up and realize real life doesn’t match the fantasy world of mainstream media.

I’m not even right wing. Im just sick of 99% of the women I fuck being complete vegetables. They arent traditional house makers, or interesting counter culture people. The real blackpill is this, and it has nothing to do with looksmaxxing or the size of bones in your nose:

Women are attracted to a few things in men: freedom, power and independence. 99% of men have none of these things. The government tells them how to behave, how to survive, who they can have sex with and how. This is abominable to women: they instinctively want men who make the rules, not follow them. This is the real reason they shun good boys and date bad boys and criminals, because bad boys at least TRY to be free.

If you don’t feel the urge to hold down and penetrate you don’t have male instincts. Your whole sexlife will consist of blowjobs and nothing else. Like Lesbians. Give me a problem you have with the majority of modern women and I’ll tell you exactly why they are like that. For example: Why do they guzzle birth control pills?

Answer: Because doctors shove birth control at girls as young as 14 (maybe younger but at least 14) and tell them they can get it for free without their parents finding out. Girls are propagandized into birth control drugs from a young age. They’re taught that pregnancy and children are the worst thing ever and you need birth control to prevent that (MAYBE they’re ok though if it’s with a man you love, but you’re totally not having sex with a man you love, you’re having sex with a random boyfriend). Birth control is a right because sex with a man you would hate your life if you have babies with is a right. They separated sex from baby making and then pushed girls (and boys) into sex.

I recently split from my millennial fiancé. Her whole life was centered around bars. She slept all day, went to bars at night, and also worked at a bar. She’d get mad at me cause I’m up at 4am to get ready for work and was dead tired when I get off work and would just want to chill out. I did that so I could provide for us, but because I didn’t want to live at bars all night long it was a constant fight. The irony is the boyfriend before me cheated on her and abused her, oh well I gave her her chance to live a better life. OP is right, women have no interesting hobbies or personalities, it’s all about partying, feeling ‘good’, and being degenerate. I forgot how happy life could be until she moved out and I had the house to myself. I’ve never been happier. She’ll be a childless roastie whos only love in life is her dog.

Hey guys, answer me this question please. So research has found a positive correlation between brain volume and IQ. This seems pretty obvious. The thing is, with this in mind how can we account the sheer number of petite asian grills at my relatively prestigious uni? I swear some of these girls’ heads are no bigger than a large grapefruit. Something just doesn’t add up. Either their brains are just way more efficient/compact than the rest (thus able to process information well despite low cranial volume) or else there is some sort of trade-off occurring. For example, we might see hampered emotional and social intelligence as a result of more room for computation. If any neuroscientists could weigh in that would be amazing. Asian women are far smarter than stupid white women.