Western Women's Life is Nothing But a Soap Opera

ignorant children

I came to conclusion that for women life is like movie or soap opera. They try to think about how they look from other peoples perspective and how can they make story more interesting. And they will always tend to do degenerate shit because Female brain thinks Degenerate, risky, stupid = more fun. All women are attracted to violent and dangerous men. Even the most goodie tooshoe church girls. So how are you supposed to attract young women as a man if your life is in order and you aren’t a daredevil Chad? Women are natural idiots that conflate “danger” with bravery or confidence… not stupidity and irresponsibility. This is false alpha. This her thinking the danger a man presents to others somehow magically doesn’t apply to her if she throws her vagina at them.

This is also why “domestic violence” is not a serious issue. She voluntarily sexually rewards violence and then blames the ultimate victim when the violence is directed at her too. We should never let “nature” take its course in civilisation. If people want to live like animals let them do so outside our nations. You need to pretend to be more dangerous than you are. You need to act more masculine and uncaring than you want to.

OR, you can just be yourself, and not change who you are to please women, and just fuck prostitutes instead. Go MGTOW, don’t date or marry, and work and make money. Then use your money to bang hot asian and brown women from 3rd world countries. Fuck all this PUA, alpha beta bullshit. Stop trying to please women, stop trying to kiss women’s ass.