Western Women's Lives are Being Ruined

deserved tho

Western women are being set up for failure. Imagine being a cock addicted fiend with zero self awareness. You’re told that you’re powerful because you’re a woman. Thwarting beta after beta only makes you feel more powerful. Then you learn that your drug dealer white trash goatee cringe /or nigger boyfriend are cheating on you. Rather then take a moment to reflect on your lifestyle and choice of partners, you become enraged. How could this weak man take you for granted, you should own him and his money after all, you are strong. So you screech and attack him and his property because you could obviously beat up a man, you’re a strong woman. Then reality hits you like a solid fist and your mug shot showing you bruised and battered for everyone to see is the final lesson. You now understand why people who cared about you told you to hold yourself to a higher standard. But probably not desu. When I was in highschool a buddy of mine tried to stop a rape/beating in an ally way and he got stabbed really bad. Right above his crotch and the assaulter dragged the knife up passed his belly button. He was effectively disemboweled but he lived. Has a killer scar to show for it, never knew what happened to the woman tho.

I guess the woman went home with the guy who stabbed him and fucked his brains out, while the beta male cuck white-knight was nearly dying in the hospital. NEVER help a woman. It’s none of your fucking business, anyway.