Western Women Will Soon Go Insane with Sex Robots


There are already sex dolls that look incredibly human and look good to the point that they surpass the uncanny valley. I’ll bet a kidney that we can do the exact same with a sex robot’s movements and personality, just you watch(if you’re young enough, if you’re a boomer, I’m sorry for you). This is good. The private sector’s research and development has historically outpaced the public’s. Sex sells, it’s profitable, and the technology they’re creating here will be useful to the field of robotics in general. The first robots will be for fucking, the second robots will mine coal, and so on. Dumb western women will protest and try to stop this, like the vibrator owning hypocrites they are. They would rather men die from the black lung than make themselves useful to society beyond having a vagina.

These western women are going to go absolutely bonkers when the transition point hits. I think we’re facing a very real possibility of large scale western women mass insanity. This is western women tier correlation-causation nonsense. Men have fat distribution tails that result in highly risky behavior, either as an intellectual proclivity on one tail or as a result of retardation on the other. Has nothing to do with contentment within a marriage comparing two relatively equal men (normie 100 IQ average Joe). You’re judging cohorts without requisite granularity and reaching silly conclusions. Yes, I have a good grasp of where the technology is. We’re rapidly approaching the complete irrelevance of half our species and the destruction of any incentive to engage in behavior with them that they find absolutely necessary in order to be content with life. This is a huge political problem hurtling towards our civilization.