What are Some Good Japanese RPG Games?

A good list

Some dude was asking what are some good JRPG games to play. Here are some answers:

Breath of Fire – Generally super generic and bland, outside of a handful of situations that are fun or interesting (Gene Splicing in 3 starts off cool, gets boring). As a series: 5/10

Xenogears – WORDS the fucking game. Holy shit I do not know how people unironically recommend this to people. It’s insanely slow paced. Combat is barely enjoyable. There is platforming that can waste hours because of stupid random encounters making you miss your jumps, causing you to fall. The game ain’t even done. 3/10

Tactics Ogre – This is quite literally “pre-Final Fantasy Tactics”. It’s a bit rough around the edges but it’s enjoyable enough. You can also make your guys just auto battle each other and go to bed to level up (at least in the PS1 version). Stuff is completely imbalanced, which kind of sucks, but otherwise was a fun experience. 7/10

Legend of Legaia – Pretty fun, but a bit slow paced. Game is grindy as fuck after a certain point. The combat system is fun and novel, right up until you learn the ideal moves, at which point you spam those until the end of the game. Learning new magic via random chance is pretty fucking ass, especially since you’ll want the stronger cure spells towards the end of the game. Solid 6/10.

Star Ocean: 2nd Story is great if you haven’t played it. Breath of Fire III/IV, Saga Frontier, and we’ll throw in Guardian’s Crusade as a more obscure one. PSX was peak JRPG performance.

-Suikoden II: Actually quite good. Highly esteemed.

-Wild Arms series

-Parasite Eve

Not retro, but Nier Automata is fantastic.

Then non-FF, Secret of Mana and CT are obviously the big ones.