What Are You Playing on the Sega Saturn?

Sega Saturn

What are you playing on your Sega Saturn lately? I just beat Bulk Slash and I’m tempted to get even more endings. The game just has such satisfying movement and attacks. Have you played it? What’s your favorite weapon & Slasher? I also just got a Fenrir, surprisingly good so far although not perfect. I’m open to answering any questions about it.

The last Saturn game I played was Panzer Dragoon Saga about a year ago. It was okay, certainly not worth its asking price. I’ve been wanting to pick up Bulk Slash for years, but every time I look for a copy it gets a little more expensive. Someday I’ll pull the trigger. Looks pretty good.

I finally got a Saturn 6 months ago but so far it’s been shit. Good games like Sega Rally, Daytona, or Virtua Fighter turn out to be much better just emulating the original arcade version. Games like Nights have been fun for about 5 minutes and then I resold them. I feel like I’ve been meme’d but I should have known before I bought it. Just my personal experience, I’ve talked with the distrbutor about them and they’re going to be sending me a replacement ribbon cable, mine has likely oxidized over time and the Fenrir is very sensitive to signal noise, causing stuttering/de-syncs in high resolution FMV playback. If you have a very old Saturn like I do (launch model va0) it’s worth replacing that cable. Also minor annoyances with psuedo saturn kai. No real major problems, it’s all minor nit picks honestly. Some rips work better than others (trurip vs redump.) Make sure your psuedo saturn is 100% up to date, etc. So far it’s very nice being able to just pop out an SD card and dump on more games whenever I want.