What Characteristics are Ideal for a Woman that You'd Want to Marry?

wife or bust

Someone asked that question to a group of young men. Here were their answers.

I like smart girls. I like dominant women as well. But the most important quality is that she likes me and can put up with my weirdness. Feminine voice but not the fake try hard “daddy” voice. I noticed the bigger the whore the deeper the voice. Virgins really are the cutest. Gigantic tits and can cook/clean. Bonus points for being white, then I’d knock her up. refuse to have mutt kids. Decent face, physically she should at least try to take care of herself, coming from a stable family, no college education. I think i don’t ask for much. The most important thing is to date a kind woman that cares for you and your eventual children. Looks will fade, money you can make by yourself. But if you date a whore or bitch, you ruin your life. Good health and sound mind. Crosses out mental illness and landwhales.

The past few years I’ve been attending more funerals than I have in my entire life. As you may have guessed, they were all for my grandparents friends. Only 2 couples of that generation are alive, the rest dead (including my grandparents). If boomer/greatest generation marriages are any indication of current gen marriages, there’s a 50/50 chance that someone is going to get whipped. Even the toughest of men and women, no matter how strong they appear to be, will be willing to subjugate themselves to baseslaves if it means they don’t get given the silent treatment. One partner is lazy and watches tv all day, and dislikes the other having any form of social interaction for fear of him/her realizing (s)he can do better. Then you see that oppressed partner whittle away to nothing. Skin and bones; you can see it in their eyes. The key to the good marriages I saw were simply people who enjoyed each others company: laughter, exercise, being true to oneself, all that jazz. It may sound autistic to you lot, but being a genuine person leads to a genuine marriage.

The biggest one for me is that she doesn’t want a phase of her life in between growing up and settling down.

The thing that bothers me most (at least in a romantic sense) about every woman I get to know, is that they all want to spend their twenties on either traveling, building a career, or playing the field/“having fun with their girlfriends”. I want my potential wife and mother of my children to do neither of those. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t want to travel at all, I’d love to take my family on a two week holiday once a year. It doesn’t mean that a woman can’t work; I think it would be ideal for me to be the provider and she the homemaker, but I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of being a stay at home dad, and regardless of family life, before she finds a man I think it’s normal for a woman to have a job. But both of those should not come at the expense of settling down, and most women I know do precisely that. Finally, the whole “have fun” phase, is just a euphemism for experiencing plenty more different dicks before committing to a man. I don’t find that attractive at all, it’s horrible long term decision making. And even if we’re not talking about (possibly casual) relationships/sex per se, just the idea of needing to spend the supposed best years of your life going to parties every weekend, is not a characteristic I’m looking for in a woman.