What Do You Think About Zelda Skyward Sword?

Zelda is comfy

It sucks that Nintendo never ports to PC but whatever. Anyway I never got to play the game but I was listening to other people talk about the game.

There are a lot of issues with it, but it’s still quite enjoyable and still feels like a Zelda game. Fi is going to annoy the crap out of you with giving you answers to puzzles you want to solve on your own as well as needless reminders. The Sky is pretty empty, but it controls nicely. Motion controls may fuck up for you. They worked perfectly for me but according to friends’ experiences, I can at least see how they had issues.

I don’t mind Motion controls as much as most elitists, so discard my opinion at your own discretion. I really enjoyed the game. The characters are a lot more enjoyable than most others Zeldas, and the gameplay is actually pretty fun. Though occasionally the motion controls can get annoying, like how you’re supposed to hold the Remote at an un-natural angle to fly straight.

The Lanayru Province is deceptively unforgiving. It introduces the electric element, which you’re probably going to be weak to because you likely upgraded to an iron shield to avoid incineration in Eldin and for increased durability, but wood, Hylian, or divine rules here. You can’t waggle as much because bladelocking will backfire on you and get you electrocuted, so you have to slow down, be patient, and time your shield parries/slashes to you don’t damage yourself. That being said it’s one of the best areas in the game with the best OST (especially the sandsea), and I had no issue whatsoever revisiting the areas to connect to a new one, and to check up on how my friends are doing. Eldin has the best NPC population for this, the Mogmas are cool dudes.

Skyward sword was the last Zelda game I played. Haven’t even touched Botw. I’m assuming its the same bland, boring soulless “muh open world” Zelda normies ate up. The last good Zelda was Twilight Princess. I played that when I was 20. It had soul. The cities and towns felt alive. Same with wind walker. What the fuck happened? I even replayed them and they’re still fucking good. So don’t tell me its nostalgia.