What is 4chan's Opinion on WMAF relationships?

Asians are best

I was browsing /pol/, a supposed “white supremacist” anonymous message board, and there is always at least one or two threads that are talking about how Asian women are better than white women. LOL, even nazis don’t want to marry white women, that is how bad white women are. Okay, here’s some of the comments I read that were note-worthy:

The fucking part is hot because Asian women will be little sluts for the white boys. But never actually have kids with one. The mixed kids look really fucked up most of the time.

Asian women are ugly. Their only good points are a high IQ and income.

Stay mad ROASTIE. NO WHITE MAN wants your wrinkled up old white ass hag, kill yourself!

The time in which white men are fucking asian women by the legions is also time that black/latino/asian men are fucking white women. You think white women are gonna stand by the sidelines, stay celibate, and patiently wait while white men are on their “bleaching” campaign. Women can play stupid games too you know.

My comments on the above comment: Yeah, who gives a shit? Let the niggers have these disgusting white whores. I mean have you seen the average white woman nowadays? Fat, ugly, disgusting. Only a nigger or an indian male would want to have sex with such disgusting freaks. White women are fucking ugly as shit. (end of my comment)

It’s understandable. White guys are higher status than Asians so it’s easy for a White guy to get an Asian girlfriend. I wouldn’t mind it. The problem I have is that I don’t want to have hapa kids. Daughters would do well but sons? Less so.

My Chinese girlfriend is likely pregnant, will I be okay as a white male? Her family has a lot of money and she is a good cook, so I think I might have made a good mistake.

I’m a White male who married an Asian female.
Never had yellow fever, either. In fact, I had a friend in high school who dated asians almost exclusively in college, and I thought he was a fucking race traitor for it. I just couldn’t see the appeal, and indeed, I still don’t see the appeal of dating someone who doesn’t speak your language and isn’t from your culture. My wife is 5th generation american and we were friends for years before we started dating. I never would have dated her if we couldn’t communicate on the level we did, or if we didn’t see eye-to-eye on so many things; something that never could have happened if she was 1st or 2nd generation in the US. Anyway, we were perfect for each other and she was the first asian I’d EVER considered dating (or even found attractive). Never looked at asian porn or whatever. Never was attracted to the asian “look.” Anyway, I’ve never been happier; I got to marry my best friend. Life is strange sometimes.