What is Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW?

MGTOW Explained

MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way.” This movement was made in response to the flawed legal system that benefits women and treats men as utilities.

Under this system, a woman can ruin a man’s life quite easily (e.g. claiming rape or assault, taking all of a man’s money with alimony payments, etc.). Moreover, while women were freed from restrictive gender roles in the past, men are still tied to theirs.

Male disposability has always been around, but at least in the past, it was honored and rewarded. Nowadays, not only are men still expected to sacrifice themselves for women, but they are also no longer thanked for it. Instead, they are met with hatred and indifference if they even complain once, partially thanks to feminism. In the past, men went off to fight in wars and they would return and be treated like heroes. Now such men, such veterans, are treated with contempt and spit on by our liberal modern society. Or a hard working husband would be rewarded by society but in our modern feminist society, such hard-working men are considered as losers and “not cool” and the wife will just divorce the man and steal his house and income thru divorce court.

Men are just tired of thanklessly having to put women first while neglecting their own needs, and they’re tired of getting kicked in the groin by toxic women who seek to destroy their lives. As a result, they are no longer going to participate in such a broken system.

Unless women clean up their act, these men want nothing to do with them. That’s the gist of it.