What is Your Opinion on Modern White Women?

white women bad

I absolutely hate them, but I can tell you from experience Asian women are no better. East Asian women like Japanese are not much better but if you’re a white guy, of course they’ll worship you. Modern white American and Western European women are mostly retarded feminist trash. Now Southeast Asian women is a different story. SE Asia is a very laid back, chill place, and the people are pretty cool there. This is why you see so many white dudes going to live in SE Asia, cause they are sick of how fast-paced and stressful the modern western society is and just want to have fun and fucking relax.

Modern white Eastern European women? Yes please.

Now, here is what an incel loser said:

Far too many of them are not pushing back on the media indoctrination.

-Listen to rap music 24/7
-Use too many vulgar words
-Too many tattoos
-Too much weed
-They essentially become a black woman in a white womans body.
-Too much talking, not enough babies.
-Failing at the most basic aspects of life
(end of incel comment)

Except black women are the best? You stupid fucking incel. Any white guy who hates black women is 100% a virgin who has never been with a black girl. Black women are still feminine, and will worship a white man, and are also insane beasts in bed. I don’t even know what kind of incel faggot fucking loser you’d have to be to not like black women. Fuck 4chan and fuck the incel losers on that site.