What Made Boomers Hate the Younger Generation so Much?

why boomer

My theory is that boomers have always resented living under their parents generation. “The greatest generation” always talked about how awesome they are for ww2 and the modern world so the boomer tried to top them. They tried Vietnam and Iraq. Both huge failures. They also tried to consume more as materialism is one thing they could also try to top their parents. Then their peers tried to top each other and it just spun out of control. Essentially they have inferiority complexes from being “handed the world” and blew it apart in attempting to be #1.

This also means that they have to be #1 at others expense. They can’t share their toys. So they fuck it up for their kids yet they don’t want to admit they aren’t great so they screw their kids over out of resentment of their youth and hatred for themselves for not actually surpassing their parents. They also see the younger generation is able to make great strides with tech when boomers can’t program a clock. Their parents made the modern age and brought cars and planes into the world. Their kids make post modern age with communication tech. They just made giant debt and hate Themselves but refuse responsibility and go self destructive on themselves and the world.

It’s the culture, they compete with their own kids instead of sticking together as a family unit and creating generational wealth. Kick your kids out at 18 and tell the sink or swim, you’re on your own. It’s fucked.