What's the Best Version of Metal Gear Solid?

best one

I’ve been itching to play through the entire Metal Gear series again, but I don’t own a copy of MGS. What’s the best way to obtain a copy of this game in 2020? Physical used? Digital? PS Classic? Physical copy is ideal. The greatest hits version is pretty easy to get (cheap too). You’ll probably have to spend around 100 bucks for a new copy online. If you’re willing to play digital you might as well emulate. Kojimbk doesn’t even work at Konami anymore, much less the guys who actually wrote the good parts (Fukushima and Blaustein). Best way is the PSX original. Either via emulation or physical hardware. I was playing through it just this year and I remember the second disk shitting it’s pants around the metal gear fight. Had to find a copy online, copy my save file over and finish it that way. Was pretty fun regardless. I own the physical copy of the MGS Remake on the Gamecube. I own a digital copy of the original PS1 version on my PS3. I also have it on my PS Classic, but only because I bought the PS Classic mini for only $20 at Best Buy. If I play the MSX version of Metal Gear instead of the NES version, will I understand Snake’s Revenge?