What's the Most Fun Video Game You've Ever Played?


What is the most FUN game you’ve ever played? Just unbridled, complete childlike fun.

It’s hard to decide between perfect SMB2-J (no items, warps, or deaths with all secret worlds complete), 1CC Gradius, and five loops of deathless Contra. Besides not being exposed to many other genres besides platformers and shmups out of lack of interest, there’s a satisfying feeling of continuously coming back to these three specific games to tackle them as perfect as possible.

Probably creating a 100 different character builds for diablo 2 using the character editor. Had so much fun just fucking around with that for months on end. Extended my gameplay on that game for years.

It’s gotta be an arcade. I love xcom and civ 2 and play them a lot today, but I remember playing for hours metal slug and playing pic related just so I could beat my dad’s record. Good times.

I really never thought about that before, and this made me realize how I don’t have a favorite game or anything of sorts, and how I’m feeling a bit sad because of it. Back in the day I’d have a blast playing ISS Deluxe or Super Bomberman 5 battle mode. Maybe one of these.

Final Fantasy IX, which was the case of a JRPG I knew absolutely nothing about going in and loving everything I got. (to a lesser extent, this happened to me with Chrono Cross)


Beating Metal Slug 3 when I was like ten with a friend at his birthday at an ice-rink in the middle of nowhere.

All of us were rustling up quarters from the change machine, used up all our spending money. One of the kids, a Mexican with serious anger issues, got in trouble because part of that money was his bus-fare back home. Went to bootcamp after that, didn’t see him again until years later, and he was all drugged-up and played yu-gi-oh like rain man.