What the Hell is Human Fall Flat?


Unfortunately there are no options to disable the camera bobbing, which appears to be tied to the movement of the characters (very floppy and almost always in motion) head. I cannot recommend the game for anyone that suffers from motion sickness in video games.

For me this causes near-instant motion sickness and I had to return the game as it is unplayable for me without a steady camera. Honestly, this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Playing with friends enhances the gameplay by so much. I encourage everyone who considers to buy the game to have their friends also get it as well. The normal maps are definitely worthwhile, and while the puzzles might’ve been frustrating to deal with sometimes, it was definitely an experience. The satisfaction of completing a level makes all of the mistakes and falls along the way SO worth it. So if you are reading this, you should definitely give this game a shot. Fun for the first few maps, but starts to feel repetitive as you progress. Also, I get some lag when joining other server or joining my friend’s lobby. I need to be the host of the game to avoid lag.