What Went Wrong With Starcraft 2?


The dark and hopeless atmosphere got replaced with soft fantasy bullshit. People killing games way too fast. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve thought about being serious, only to extend out for a 2nd base and immediately be greeted by 3-4 cannons/bunkers. Major respect for Zerg niggas. Just worker scout, send first overlord to the main ramp vs terran and the protoss nat. Keep the 2nd overlord at your nat. Worker scouting costs only around 50 minerals and you easily hold so much cheese. It’s not a feeling of being powerless, but rather just a feeling of “oh, it’s going to be one of those games”. Every time the response is “why fucking bother, this just isn’t fun to play against” or “goddamn i’m bored”. Starcraft is just unforgiving and if you fuck up something, and any at all, the higher levels will completely shatter what little confidence you have in yourself – and even if you manage to win, it’s just not satisfying.

The biggest problem is things killing each other way too fast, I’d say it would be much better with a slower paced combat like warcraft 3. Currently, it feels like it revolves a bit too much around trying to sucker punch the other guy while he’s looking at the wrong place for 2 seconds. It’s still the last good blizzard game though. Custom games system too heavily regulated. WoL campaign was actually really good. Too bad it went to absolute shit right after with HotS. I tried playing competitive when WoL first came out after playing closed beta. Reached high diamond at some point before Master and Grandmaster were introduced. Every single 1v1 at that point devolved into an early skirmish fuckfest that made my resting heartbeat reach the upper 150s-180s. I remember sweating and feeling my entire body trembling everytime I finished a game and decided it wasn’t worth feeling like I was knocking at death’s door just to be a good player.