What Will Society do With the Millions of Unmarried American Women?

useless women

Sister went lesbian with a bull-dyke after becoming a single mom when the fiance walked out. Nephew is fucked. They keep wanting to hang out with me but honestly I’ve emotionally written off my entire family at this point. Women are creatures of social control. They will just blame men when they don’t get what they want.

I’ll reach out and try to help out my nephew in the future and repair the deep and terrible scars he will inevitably have, but I’m not in a position right now to look after people who can’t look after themselves. 2 entire generations of women are basically biomass, aka, human trash, due to being contaminated with the Femen virus.

But this is not a blog, this is life, and the ride only ends when you become an overman and discard traditional/societal morality. Lesbianism has always been the bastion for ugly women, women no one wanted. LBD is a thing because women aren’t truly sexually attracted to other women. Ever.
We used to just call them spinsters.

I learned about the wall in health class, in public school, in Minnesota of all place. Its surprising how many women have no idea its actually a real thing. Women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. Its only a downhill trend for them past 20. The eggs take DNA damage every day from the environment, not to mention the effects of endocrine health on fertility. Women who conceive after 30 start having radically higher incidence of children with chromosomal disorders. They also have higher incidence of children with autism, which is likely the real cause of autism rates seemingly skyrocketing. Shitty hippies having kids into their late 30s and early 40s.

Men and women both have the same problem of hubris. Youth instills in Men and women a sense that they will be invincible. The difference is men learn very early that they are not invincible, we break an arm, or have a bad accident or close call and then we know. Women in the other hand do not learn this lesson because age is insidious and its not until they are old that they realize they will not be young forever. Mothers and old women used to warn them and push them and venerate marriage and children. Boomer parents are just fucked up enough that their advice tends to be “just do what feels right honey.” is absolutely third world short sightedness.

There is also the “equality meme” and the “you should be working meme.” women aren’t equal they have a shorter biological clock. Careers take until your mid thirties to really take off. Was an acquaintance of a girl. More of a friend of a friend so I’d see her every so often but never single at the same time. When it happened that we both were I invited her out and we were then spending a lot of time together. Cooking dinners, hikes all that stuff. Took about a month and change to have sex since she’d stop the escalation before. I was looking at her pictures about 2 months in and asked about her trip to some resort in punta cana before we got together. Asked her if she slept with any guys there, said yes. I asked why she held off for so long having sex with me but gave it up so easily to some random. She saw where I was going and started to backtrack saying her friend got her drunk. Told her that’s cool and all, her life, but what if her girl friend wants her to come on vacation again, would it happen again? Is this friend still that involved in her life she can’t say no? It took away that long term feeling for me.