What Women Say is Opposite to What They Do

don't trust words

Generally what women say is exactly the opposite of reality. They are only provoked to say something as a means to dismiss reality and have other women validate them, not explain it. Women are barely a step over children in emotional/mental capacity. I’ve come to the unsettling conclusion that all women lie constantly to cover the truth of their own terrible behavior and if that truth ever fully came to light society would collapse in despair. When I first saw that beautiful normal distribution on OK-Cupid’s blogpost, I knew that all those “evil PUA bastards” were probably right, and I was just in denial. I honestly don’t even begrudge the feminine instinct for negative weighting on their perception like this because of the increased mating risk females undertake in our species. I just wish we could all be honest about it. But that won’t happen any time soon, and you have to do what you can to protect your own interests against those who would use human instinct against you. Remember that you’re not fucking crazy in your view of women and that women are basically gaslit by evolution and will in turn gaslight you to make up for their inherent biology. Without the healthy intersex cooperation that civilization used to foster, women are necessarily set against you. You can work around it, but you have to be smarter and stronger than a man in a better society for the same result. Very few people have the intestinal fortitude to hold women accountable.

I had to get fucking called out by an internet atheist men’s right activist before I was willing to listen to what God’s been trying to tell me all along, which was: grow the hell up, take responsibility for your actions, and stop blaming everyone else for the poor life choices you made for yourself. And I still need to wrestle with my inner three year old child, constantly. Because men are weak beta fags who allow women and their (((enablers))) to have power over us. Any man that has ever not been a complete fucking shut in autistic faggot can vouch for the fact that women are dumb cunts and they’re literally more primitive and less intellectually developed than men. At this point I’m just disillusioned when it comes to shit like women and race. I know I’m right and I don’t even bother arguing with people anymore I just envy their ability to deny reality and remain blissfully unaware. White males are the only group that has been convinced to not protect their own interest. Women protect their interest by blaming men for everything. Women and minorities play the victim to get free shit. They don’t care about the reality. They just profit from this shit so they continue with it. White men need wake up and start protecting their own interest.

Even women that are not hardcore feminists will still virtue signaling some bullshit like look and money are not important while thinking the opposite. What i am saying is that people are hypocrites to protect their own interests. Women will say that men are shallow to play the victim but at the same time will prefer rich and good looking male. The reason they do that is because both of these situations benefit them. Women have gotten to enjoy rights and feminism and all that jazz but very soon society with reset only this time they’ll be property forever with no way out because information persists forever and future generations will never forget what happened with generation onions. Congrats girls, you got to be stronk wiminz but your daughters and their daughters etc will be housewives with chips implanted in their necks that release poison at the slightest thought of but muh vagina.

What do you want me to tell you that hasn’t already been said here a thousand times? Men with an IQ above room temperature have already evacuated to the East and started families. Western women are feminists (female supremacists); they all believe that women should have greater rights and privileges than men – that men are meant to be a disposable slave sex which exists only to serve female interests. They accuse men of doing what they are actually doing themselves. Some girls might want a long term relationship but still often have medium and short term relationships. But I don’t really care how a girl would hypothetically raise a kid. I don’t want to get stuck with one anyways. And I don’t believe parents have as much influence as they think. Genetics determine how the child turns out for the most part. The successful nation state always had monogamy and agricultural farming. When it lost either of these, it collapsed and was replaced by a nation state that did not lose them. The fact is: Men without incentive to contribute to civilization – a rough guarantee of reproductive access – leads to a declining civilization. Ten thousand “betas” are stronger than one Chad. That is why we have such large and successful societies as we do now. It simply does not matter of good Chad is at everything, he will always be out-competed by a larger group that works together for their mutual benefit.