When Does Earthbound Get Good?


When does it get good? Earthbound is shit, SHIT! play a real game, like The Crow on PS1. When does it get good? Pretty much the minute you turn it on, but it’s not for everyone. I would say if you aren’t enjoying yourself by the time you clear Giant’s Step, give up. If you’re not sure, maybe at least get to recruiting Paula. Twoson was where it got good for me. Onett was a bit average/mediocre, Twoson made me see what other people see in the game and it was all uphill from there. If you find yourself enjoying the artwork, sound, battle backgrounds, this is as good as it gets. Cannabis makes the music and battle graphics really shine. You’ll notice multiple layers in the melody and it’s really an experience.

Story is ok and the fighting is relatively a non event, auto battle is a godsend. If you’re not enjoying the game and it’s atmosphere, you probably won’t no matter how long you play. It’s an RPG made for non RPG fans, light hearted setting without the autism. If you don’t like it, it will probably never get good for you. If you do like it, SMRPG and Paper Mario are the closest feel you’ll get to EB. Twoson and the blue guys is when all the quirky charm stops being somewhat random (like beating up cops and dogs) and really sets the tone of the game. Power through Threed, it’s absolute shit, then it’s a nice rhythm right to the end. Game goes into the toilet when Paula gets kidnapped in fourside and never really recovers. The pacing is totally fucked for the rest of the game and none of the sections past moonside are very memorable by themselves. Poo is one of the most superfluous party members I have seen in a jrpg and all his gimmicks are weak attempts to make him less boring as both a character and as a party member.