When Red is Blue and Blue is Red


Cold hard truth is we all have this in common because we aren’t as smart as they thought. Smarter than the average dumbass kid raised on commercials and cereal maybe but not really elite intelligence. We got put in special classes, found out we weren’t that smart/focused/whatever and went back to regular school but we had already been somewhat socially insulated because of that shit. Being isolated from your peers drove you to try drugs and go on weird forums where people get interested in made up shit.

I vaguely remember but it was in 2nd grade I did well and kept on reading ahead of the class and started shearing answers to the others. Obviously the teachers didn’t like it and put me in a separate group of kids. I remember being in a small room sitting around a table with 5 others and I remember all of their names and faces. To go on, they tried to put me on adderal and I fealt like a zombie so I quit taking it.
All in short they dummed me down because they knew I was gifted and they were scared.

Yea I remember that, did it from 2nd to 5th grade. We left normal classes like once or twice a week and did weird math stuff and worked on engineering lite stuff like building bridges and other structures. After I moved away from that school I never heard about it or any similar programs. From middle school to high school I haven’t cared too much about being a tryhard. I was smart enough to get a 3.8 something gpa from showing up. But I kinda blew off school toward the later end of my education. I always had a lingering interest in politics and a harsh black and white view of morality from a young age. Started getting woke when I was like 13 and now I am here in this shithole.