When Will the Playstation 2 Be Considered Retro?

PS2 retro

Nobody minds PS2 being considered retro, the real problem with this is that it when you consider Retro to be based around the passage of a certain amount of time rather than a specific and unchanging area of time it opens up 7th gen consoles and above to also be considered retro. Nobody would mind discussions of games like Sly Cooper or Golden Sun, everybody however would definitely oppose titles like Gears of War or Last of Us being discussed. It’s a shame the line in the sand has to be drawn here and 6th gen left in limbo but the consequences of allowing it to be discussed are reason enough to keep it off the board.

Just use 8kuns /v/, it had an exodus recently and is a total ghostt own, it was slow as goddamn fuck before the exodus as well. It only has like 4 posts in an hour. You could hijack the entire board for 6th gen discussion and no one would stop you.

We have daily threads about modern emulation platforms like psp, raspi and mister. As long as you keep the discussion to emulating retro stuff it’s fine. Why do you want to change a board’s rules when you obviously know nothing about it. Zoomers were born late ‘90s and early ’00s, it’s very likely their first exposure to games was their parent’s or older sibling’s PS2, or some other sixth gen system. Needless to say, we don’t need zoomer-tier cancer around these parts.

I just don’t understand what definition of retro you all are operating on that makes games from 20 years ago not retro. A lamp made in 1977 wasn’t a retro lamp in 1987 but was in 1997. How are videogames at all different? Are you just that autistically dedicated to making this board a boomer party? Why is Ps1 even considered retro? The graphics are 3D, not that different from the PS2.