Which Type of Woman is Better, Latinas or Asians?

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Latinas are very hit or miss. You could meet an 8/10 Colombian goddess who had a strict as fuck father, very conservative values, afraid of black people, kindhearted and religious. But then again you could also unfortunately meet an attractive Mexican-American chicana girl who is obsessed with black dudes, hates the religious aspect of her culture, LARPs as pura Mexicana, and is in all aspects a degenerate. That being said, I’d take latina over asian 9/10 times.

>Latina Mestizo
Half Spanish Half Amerindian, Amerindians are 1/4th Caucasian due to Ancient North Eurasian admixture and Spainards are caucasian so the average Mestiza is 5/8ths Caucasian and 3/8ths Mongoloid
If your white then your kids will be 13/16ths Caucasian Castizos and might actually look like you
Mongoloid, your kids will be half Mongoloid and not look like you

Latinas also have a culture that is less foreign than Asians, they are also typically more attractive, and the will be a relevant demographic in the future assuring your children’s place in the future America as part of the Castizo middle class. Latinas from my state (Sinaloa) although they are a bit short, these have really nice bodies and fair/light skin, tend to be loyal and willing be housewives. I really dig into white women aesthetics but they far too immoral and independent probably fucked 5 guys before we even met.

As a white American, I’d much rather sleep with/date and even marry a Hispanic girl than a white girl. White American girls have a terrible reputation. I would never trust them or love them enough to marry them.