White Christian Women are the Worst Humans on this Flat Earth

Christianity is a hateful, racist religion

At least white women are no longer trying to hide their true nature and their racism. The latest incident of racism happened recently:


The first Muslim woman had just gotten elected to Pennsylvania’s state legislature and was about to be sworn in. A white Christian woman led the opening prayer for that session and she said "God forgive us. Jesus, we’ve lost sight of you. We’ve forgotten you, God, and our country. And we’re asking you to forgive us.” The white woman’s name is Stephanie Borowicz and she is a Republican from Clinton County.

Stephanie’s actions are so blatantly hateful and racist that even her fellow Christians are uncomfortable defending her actions. On the FOX news site under the same story, many Christians were saying that she was intentionally being racist against the incoming new Muslim woman who had just gotten elected.

At this point, no intelligent white person is a Christian anymore. Christianity is the most sickening, hypocritical, hateful religion. What kind of God is such a monster that he would damn a 5 year old child to eternal hell if that 5 year old child happened to have been born and raised in a Muslim country instead of a white Christian country? Jesus himself must be a neo-nazi white supremacist. It’s no wonder that Jews hate Jesus so much. Jesus is a traitor to the Jews and is worse than Hitler himself. Jesus Christ is perhaps the biggest neo-Nazi to ever exist.

Anyway, all jokes aside, not one single scholar or historian from 1st century contemporary Palestine mentioned Jesus even once. Pretty weird, cause if some guy was going around raising the dead and feeding 1000s of people, you’d think he’d be mentioned by local historians. Christians can take their fictional jewish messiah and shove it up their ass! At least Muslims aren’t hypocrites. www.JesusNeverExisted.com