White Men and Japanese Women Will Create the New Empire!

asian mix

Also they literally love white people so much that the only racemixing they consider acceptable is with white people. They consider half white babies to be beautiful.

Also! In the early twentieth century there were some Japanese people who advocated for importing Europeans en masse in a state mandated WMAF breeding program to create a super race of hapa Japanese chads to bring civilization to all of East Asia. We almost lived in the best timeline.

Racemixing is only bad when women do it, faggot. For a man, colonizing other races’ women improves their genetic stock. So long as you only invest in your white children, that is. Not only this whenever you hear the phrase “hafu” thrown around it literally means half Japanese but whenever you do ANY search on the subject all the kids are half white and half Japanese. So “hafu” means white people not niggers or spics or any other mystery meat people. Japan only wants white people.

I would hope that if a guy goes to foreign country to get a wife he would have enough brain cells in his head to rub together to keep his family in whatever country he met his wife in. Being white plus japan, china, korea, flip, vietnam, etc. gets you a bonus in THOSE countries being mixed race in white countries gets you shit on. Bringing mixed race kids to white countries is a mistake and makes those men bad fathers.

In other words, leave the West permanently, because the West is gone. The West has been taken over by nigger men and white women who are even worse than niggers. Let the West burn, and go live in Asia, white man!