White Men are Fascist Capitalist Nazi Scum and Are Worse than Niggers

white men

“Wow, I’m an unemployed white guy, I’ll vote against a living wage, vote against being able to get government welfare, vote against having a guarantee right to work, vote against having affordable and regulated renting housing, and so on.”

Republicans are low IQ retards. Not saying the liberals are much better but at least they do make some action of trying to protect the 99 percent instead of the rich elite 1 percent.

In Seattle, radical liberals just took over a 3 square block radius area and declared it a police free zone. They have workers protection laws there. Employers can’t treat you like a slave. They have renters protection laws. Landlords can’t exploit you.

If you make less than 150,000 a year, and are a Republican, then congrats, you’re voting against your own economic interests.

And guess who is behind the push for worker’s rights, renter’s rights in Seattle? A brown woman named Kshama Sawant. If brown women took over the country, we’d have a much better lifestyle. White men are fascist nazi capitalist scum and the world is rightfully turning against them. Do white boomers really think they are going to live peacefully in the retirement homes? Just today i saw a video of a brown girl slapping a white boomer bitch in the face and the white bitch walked off.

Same with Ilhan Omar and AOC, she wants to cancel rent, which is obviously the RIGHT thing to do. I mean if they shut down the economy, they should cancel bill payments, rent, mortgages, taxes, etc. Our Republican capitalist government is pure evil, and the people who vote for it are retarded stupid poor white trash.