White Men love Black Women

Black women are hotter and more humble too

I was reading 4chan/pol and there were two different threads going on where white guys were talking about dating or banging black women. I’ll just repost some of their comments below:

“Any other /pol/ bros have a black girlfriend or have hooked up with a nigger? I still think racemixing is what satan would want but I just want to see what the other side of the field looks like. Nigger pussy is pretty good and I recommend you fags give it a go before settling down”

“one time back when backpage was active I fucked a nigger teen with a bubble butt in a ghetto motel and it was jiggly I tell ya”

“was going to hook up with this one really petite black girl. Teen virgin, dad was a cop and she had to sneak me in the garage where she had a make-shift bed waiting. We were about to fuck but when she saw muh dick she said it was too big and got nervous and said I had to go before her dad found out. Not trying to brag, she probably hadn’t seen many before. There were several other times where I came close with other black girls but it never actually happened.”

“I’m not attracted to white women anymore too.”

“I literally always had better experiences with black women. Most the time they are not all uptight”

“Fuck you, racists. I will make sweet love to a chocolate black woman and make mixed babies with her, and none of you incel fucks can do a thing about it. This is the future whether you like it or not. And it’s not just whites who are mixing, you ignorant fucks. I see Asians with Latinos, Indians with Blacks. When I see a white woman with someone of another race, I don’t sperg out in an impotent, insecure rage, I wish them all the best, the same way I would want to be wished with my absolute African queen. The world is going to be a beautiful place in a few decades.”

“I had one once. Very attractive, not a drop of hoodrat and dare I say conservative. But she had this kink for being called a bed wench and master slave stuff with her as the slave and God I fucking freaked out”

“I’ve fucked like 10 girls over the past 2 years and like 7-8 of them have been black. i don’t wanna have kids with one but they fuck good.”

“I date a caramel skinned black girl. Shes thicc af and less annoying than any white/asian girls I’ve been with. They don’t really take shit like white/asian girls, but that ass makes up for it.”

“I’ve always preferred latinas but recently started fucking this black chick and she’s a 10/10 who doesn’t bitch, likes to dance, and loves slurping cock like it’s her last meal. She’s also into like raceolay I guess meaning she’s always like “give me that big white cock” or “take my black ass now daddy.” Seriously, I’m hooked."

“Black girls love hating white men online but goddamn they love having them in their guts.”

“Yes, I’ve had a black girlfriend the past year. Ah, her pussy is fucking amazing. It’s super tight and it clamps hard on my cock, and she wraps her legs around me and forces me to cum in her. Sadly we are having a break right now. Ah. You don’t even know these feels.”

“Literally my experience in the dating world. I’ve met many sweet and pleasant black women. Not so much for inflated ego white women. White women quickly beating out old Asian ladies for title of worst drivers.”