White Men No Longer Want White Women


Why do white men want asian women instead of white women? It’s because Asian women are expected to get a good education and/or cook, clean, raise quality babies and stay in it for the long-haul. It’s not a surprise that traditional men of all races tap into the abundant Asian source. If you get yourself a good looking one from a poor place she will ruv you rong time and be forever grateful for what we consider to be a very modest financial means in western countries. Because white women are fat, and too fucking tall. Only petite women are feminine. White women either got fat from being gluttonous trash, or got “thick” from wanting to have nigger asses to appeal to niggers. To find a woman with a body that looks the way it’s supposed to, you are pretty much stuck with Orientals.

Because I never met any traditional white women. Every white woman Ive interacted with was either a roastie or had an interracial relationship with a Latino/arab/african. While most asian girls ive interacted date their own race or white guys. Maybe its just california? But ill take a traditional christian asian wife over a roastie white girl any day. I like them more because a lot of them are just like me: quiet/introverted and into nerdy things like gaming and computers. I’ve met a quiet/introverted white girl maybe two or three times. Most of them are too loud and have to constantly talk about bullshit that doesn’t matter.

Someone has never stepped outside of the states… Eurasian mix is supreme so having an asian wife who raises your kids properly in a culture that is still connected to Spirit and a nation that would never dare to take your children away for their own “welfare” is just the smartest choice. let the >115 IQs fight the race war and smarter gene’s adapt. Plus asian women are the sexiest. I dated one once just to avoid the drama of typical women (white). Asian girls lack humor, sex drive, very traditional, color is very important, buying a gift can be time consuming cause of things to consider. I think numbers is important also depending on circumstances. I just gave up cause parents were racist I guess. Or I wasnt educated enough, she had 7 years university. So yeah. White people aren’t Aryans, they are merely the closest thing left to Aryans. The Aryans are already gone. Putting some high quality feminine Asian blood into the mix to replace inferior degenerate white women blood won’t cause much harm. It might even bring about a return to a true master race.