White Nationalist Cuck Idiot White Incel Men Posting on 4chan


Some loser incel nazi on 4chan asked: How can we convince career women to settle down early and have babies instead of wasting their fertile years before it’s too late?

And people responded: Oh my god, who fucking cares up to this point. There is no reason to get married and start a family if all modern woman are virginless and don’t know how to do shit. Good fucking luck convincing a woman to settle with you if she has a high paying job. You think she’s going to give it all up to raise a bunch of kids and be a housemaid? I didn’t think so. In this world, the feminist brainwashed woman to be fucking whores and whine and complain to get where they are. Stay single anon. Don’t waste your god dam time chasing women. And don’t tell me about Asian woman being based, they’re a fucking meme and you know it.

You cream pie them where they have to choose between being fertile or making themselves infertile. White men need to step up their game and cream pie some pussy. Give zero fucks about a woman’s career fill her womb with sperm. You impregnate her you don’t talk to women as equals. A woman should be forced to choose a fertile life or a life of abortion and birth control at a teenage age. White guys need to stop pulling out and wearing condoms. Getting them pregnant early won’t help in the west. They will just abort it and keep going about their live. What we must do is make them feel the despair of missing out on getting what they want. Don’t settle for a post wall 35 yo who rode the cock carousel for 20 years. Make them realize on a grand scale how their worth declined and they can’t have what they want anymore. Never date a woman over 30 or a single mother and influence the men around you to follow suit.

Sometimes you have to impregnate women and avoid them as human when they have an abortion. White men need to make white women choose between being fertile or an infertile abortion whore. Pulling out or wearing a condom with a fertile woman not on birth control is a waste of sperm. Make enough money to support them and the kids you want. It’s just not realistic for a large number of men it seems. I’m glad I went to trade school and scooped up a Latina. More white guys need to become mechanics and electricians. More white guys need to impregnate hispanic and asian women. Ideally you don’t give them the option to have a career in the first place. The next best step is to cease giving them this option, forcing them to be wives and mothers. You can’t reason with children, all you can do is set boundaries and be strict with them.

I won’t waste my resources helping to raise the child of another men. And my seed is to valuable to be given to any random skank. I plan on having at least 3-4 kids, but the mother of my children has to be worthy. This impregnate women while they are in college make them choose between children or abortion. Pulling out and wearing condoms give women the opportunity to have careers without making themselves infertile. They dont have babies because they are extremely picky, and Chad white Chad ensures he aint getting child support enslaved. Businesses collapse and stop making profit when they let to many women and shit-skins in top positions Look at Subway restaurants closing down business not enough white men in corporate. If white men learned to make money with trades they could impregnate all the women they want and watch the corporate world collapse.