White People are Retarded, Stupid Idiots

The white race is literally evil

White people are natural fascists because they are obsessed with rules. Compare that to brown countries like Cambodia where people are free, where there are almost no rules. White people are anal-retentive and cannot simply relax and be chill. No, they have to be constantly trying to change themselves, “become a better Me”, and all this childish self-improvement motivational bullshit nonsense.

Christianity is a religion which has zero moral values left. That is why white people love Christianity, because Christianity allows them to act like degenerate animals and engage in homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, drug and alcohol use, etc. Oh hey, it doesn’t matter if you have anal-sex and get AIDS and die, because Jesus still loves you!

I am ashamed to be white and embarrassed by my fellow white people. White people claim that their white western countries are the richest, but how did they get rich? America was literally built through slave labor of African-American slaves. All the products of modern American capitalism are built and made in sweatshops in 3rd world countries. Those shoes, shirts, jackets, pants, iPhone, laptop, coffee, everything you use was created by slave labor in a 3rd world sweatshop in Bangladesh or China or Vietnam. If I am a slave-master and have 1000 slaves working for me for free, then obviously I am going to get rich doing that. Capitalism is based on racism and the enslavement of poor brown people.

I am very thankful that the white race is going extinct. The world is going to be a much better place in a few decades when whites are almost extinct.

Thanks for reading this article. I’m gonna go fry up some potato pancakes now.