White Woman Attacked Openly in Public in European City

White women voted for this

I saw a video yesterday of a white European woman getting attacked in broad daylight in public on the streets of Barcelona by a black skinned gentleman. The amazing thing was, no one stopped to help or defend her. He was trying to rob her, and was grabbing her and was taunting the people watching and filming it, “Call the police, I don’t care!”.

White western women voted for this. They voted for open borders and mass immigration. White women voted for this because they hate white men. They want to replace white men with black men and Muslim men. Okay fine, so don’t act surprised then when you get robbed or raped openly in the street and no white men come to rescue you, because that is exactly what happened and I’ve been predicting this exact type of situation for years now.

If a white man came to her defense and punched the black man, the white man would get arrested and go to jail and get sued for trying to help her. White women have literally destroyed Western civilization and this time around, men are not coming to clean up their mess. Personally, I feel great happiness at situations like this, because it shows that most white men have woken up to the truth and refuse to help our man-hating feminist western women anymore. White men mostly won’t be affected because we can go move to the rural areas since most of the crime is done in the big cities, by immigrants.