White Woman Getting Jealous of Asian Women

asian women best

On 4chan, some stupid white bitch was saying “why is it okay for white men to race mix with asian women but not for white women to race mix with others?” and here are some of the replies:

Asian women are property of the superior white bull. Nothing wrong with claiming what you own. Tiny dick chinks disgust them so they need the superior white bulls to give them the satisfaction that a little dick chink just can’t give them.

It’s fine because men are superior to women, so basically a white (superior race) male (superior gender) its entitled to fuck who he wants, women are childs and must be kept in line. If you ask me white males must be able to keep multiple wives, white ones for procreation and sterilized exotic ones for pleasure.

Except Asian women are peak femininity whereas White men are peak masculinity. They are a natural pair for one another. I would advise against ANY race mixing in the first place, but if you must, the only acceptable pair is a Asian woman for a White man.

Consider the fact that asain women don’t sleep around with every foul smelling babbling coon living in a dumpster like white girls do.

I don’t actually give a fuck about racemxiing. As my potlical views are not really compitable with people on this board

With that being said I love how white men and asian women are potrayed on this board.
It’s always one of these three categories

1) white guys who are against race mxingin but love white men and asian women since they tend to have sucess with them

2) guys against race mxing who go out of there way to find unattractive photos of asian women to discourage white men for going after them

3) Asian incels who come here and larp as being white and sperg out over white guys and asian women. Usually ends with them larping as black gusy and posting amwf