White Woman Got Her Jaw Broken By a Syrian Immigrant

LOL haha

I know a Swedish girl from Lappland who got attacked by Syrians on a trip to Stockholm. They were trying to rape\sexually assault her, cracked her jaw so she was in hospital for months. She was unironically the nicest girl I’ve met. She went pretty hardcore anti-immigrant after this, and I don’t entirely blame her. Oh and the police let the guys go. I had thought all of this shit about Swedish Syrian immigrants was right-wing propaganda until I saw it happen to someone I know. Once again, probably THE nicest person I know on earth. She will be back to sucking black dick when her jaw heals.

This may actually be for the best. Once they wisen up to serious danger they’ve invited into their countries they’ll push to have them removed. Then again, You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize this is true. Literally no woman who has been raped by a nigger turned into a racist. They just keep dating black men. Some write articles about fucking their rapists. This is true. White women are the downfall of Western civilization. Their extreme selfishness, hedonism and hyperghamy will destroy everything in just a couple of generations.

It’s the truth. It’s the same reason why women cheat on men. They fuck random dude outside of the relationship, destroying any hope of pair bonding, dude accepts it, tries to move on, tries to suppress logic, gets cheated on again, wonders why. A second random dude comes along, knows back story of prior relationship, commits anyhow, ends up with same outcome, wonders why. This is the cycle because men value pussy more than themselves.
This is why a redpilled dude (insert ego) will fuck same bitch as above and never get attached. They do not long for a poor connection with a female- cuz muh dick.
A man who is capable of understanding pair bonding, understands that these women are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality and will never commit to one unless she is capable of providing a resource in which he values more than pair bonding. Ultimately he will long for pair bonding and cheat on her in an attempt to fill that void.