White Women Age Like Crap

white roasties

Why do white women age so badly?

Because females hit puberty a few years earlier. females don’t deal with stress as well and stress more easily. females are generally less physically active. only the strongest of men survived throughout history(now that is all fucked up.) testosterone is in some ways, youth preserving(although it does have a flip-side.) ect. There’s no biological reason for a woman to remain attractive after menopause. Most men, on the other hand, can impregnate women until they die.

Once they hit menopause the body stop producing fertility singles like shiny hair, soft skin, youthful face and etc. Nature is super efficient. If you take roids your body stops producing test because it’s wasting energy. Same with old women. Why make them look young and beautiful and spend so much energy doing so when she can no longer reproduce? A woman’s primary purpose expires once they hit menopause. A man can still have kids into his 60’s+

I always said I’d get with a girl at LEAST 10 years younger than me. But I met a girl who’s only 4 years younger than me and she’s so perfect. She likes to tan sometimes, so that’s a problem. When I shave myself women believe I’m maximum 23 years old while I’m hitting my thirties soon. My grandmother is over 80 yrs and still plays tennis. I did drugs in the past and buttfucked so many women I should look like a soulless kike by now but I don’t. I guess I totally fucked up my body for my next reincarnation tho’.