White Women are Brainwashed to Love Black Men

Only a white woman could love a black man

The race-mixing agenda to pollute white women’s minds and turn them against white men has been going on since around the 90s, at least. I remember there was a movie called Desperado, and all the white women were swooning over Antonio Banderas. But what about white men, you ask? Well, During the 90s and early 2000s, most white guys still liked white women but white women by that point had already been brainwashed by the media to hate white men, and so white men rejected white women as a REACTION to this and went for brown and asian women instead.

In my own life, I was attracted to white women up until about 2003 or 2004. I then met a couple of mexican chicks, and started to gradually develop a disgust towards white women. The mexican chicks were so feminine, and down to earth, basically the opposite of a white bitch. By that point, I had become quite fed up with women, thinking all women are bad. But no, it was just white women that are bad. My experiences with mexican women literally breathed new life into me and started making me feel human again.

Once again, I tell white women, that if you white women hate us white men so much, why do you want to live in a western country? Western countries were built and manged by white men. Go move to fucking Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or something. White women are the most ungrateful, selfish bitches on this world.