White Women are Evil People

white women bad

White women’s entire existence revolves around trying to destroy white men’s lives. White women are radioactive toxic monsters who exist only to hurt white men and inflict as much pain on white men as possible. This is why it is a good thing that the West is collapsing and being taken over by immigrants. White people had their chance. White men are also to blame for enabling the shitty behavior of white women. There are too many white men who are cucks and tolerate white women’s bullshit. If such spineless cucks stopped tolerating this shit, white women would stop being cunts overnight.

So fuck white men and fuck white women too, fuck the white race. White people are fascist scum by nature. Look at the extreme police state response to COVID19 that is seen in white people’s countries like Australia, UK, Germany, and France. White people need to go extinct so that the world can finally have peace. White men need to breed with asian women so that no more white bastard children will be created.