White Women are Extremely Jealous of Asian Women

White women simply cannot compete with Asian women

There was an international ice-skating competition in South Korea and one ugly American white woman named Mariah Bell, 22, got jealous of a very beautiful Korean girl named Lim Eun-soo, 16, and decided to attack her. Mariah slashed Lim with her skate and injured her calf, but Lim got it treated and went on to compete in the competition. Mariah Bell’s arab/turkish boyfriend named Romain Ponsart is now committing slander against Lim and claiming she is making it all up. Let’s take this apart, shall we?

We all know that white women are inferior to Asian women and are extremely jealous and envious of Asian women. This is a 100% fact which cannot be denied at this point. If you don’t think so? Then try talking to any white females you may know about the trend of white men marrying Asian women and watch their reactions. White women HATE Asian women because Asian women are everything that white women can never hope to become. Asian women are real women.

Let’s also talk about how white women are almost always dating African or Arab/Turkish men now. This is more proof that white women are vile, evil people who hate white men and will take the sides of foreigners over their own race of men. Also interesting of note is that this low-IQ Turkish piece of shit named Romain Ponsart is defending his ugly whore girlfriend and committing slander against a 16 year old innocent Asian girl. This is simply more proof that Arab/Turkish men will always side with white women against the more civilized demographics. Google “Mariah Bell”, she is a revoltingly ugly man-jawed bitch.

We need to deport white women and send them to go live in Saudi Arabia and other shithole countries. If white women hate white men so much, why do white women want to live in nice western countries which were built and run by white men? At this point, white women have become the literal enemies of white men.