White Women Are Extremely Racist

White women are the real nazis

The most racist people on earth are white women. This is a fact and can easily be proven. Simply talk to a white woman about the trend of white men marrying asian women and almost instantly she will start making racist comments about asian women. This is simply undeniable. Now let’s look at a somewhat different but related real life incident of this:


Chelsea Clinton was going to a vigil for the victims of that attack on the Muslim mosques in New Zealand and she was confronted by a Muslim woman. The Muslim woman is a brown woman and she called out Chelsea on her hypocrisy and racism. The Muslim girl specifically mentioned how Chelsea was criticizing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar on Twitter.

What was Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s great mistake? She dared to speak the truth, which is that the American government is controlled by Israel. As a result, she faced tremendous backlash and criticism from both parties. Chelsea took part in that criticism, and so this Muslim brown girl was calling out Chelsea on her racism and hypocrisy, saying that “Your Islamaphobic words and racism led to situations like this, and now you are crying crocodile tears”.

Later on, that Muslim girl wrote on Twitter “I am receiving so much hate threats because I dared to call out a hypocritical white woman”. I agree with her 100%! White women are racist nazi scum and must be constantly exposed as such. White women are the true nazis!!!! Remember, brown women are awesome and loyal wives and won’t ever rape you in divorce court like these evil white women do! Brown women are beautiful!