White Women are Extremely Stupid

White Women are retards

Sometimes I wish I was actually attracted to white women because then I’d be willing to bang them. White women are the stupidest women on earth and are extremely easy to manipulate and control. Every brown and black male knows this. But anyway, as a white male, I also have advantage over asian and brown and black women. Brown and black women are not submissive, contrary to what retarded jealous white bitches say. But, they ARE submissive to a white man because they realize that a white guy is above them.

All those retarded brown and black women who go out to the protests and scream about how white men are evil and how we live in a white patriarchy are full of shit. Because in the end, they may say they hate white men, but they love white men and most of them are married to white guys. Look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is one of the loudest liberals and constantly screaming about how evil white men control the world and yet she goes home every night to a pasty white skinned ginger boyfriend. That’s basically the perfect example of what I am talking about.

Hell, even a black or brown feminist woman will be ultra-submissive to a white dude. I’ve personally dated what you might consider radical leftist brown women who treated their own race of men like shit but with me they were behaving like a submissive little good girl and would cum their little brains out. I guess in the end, black and brown women love being “oppressed” by my white cock.