White Women Are Garbage and Are Worse than Niggers

white scum

Someone asked “Is it still possible in this climate to find a good virgin educated white woman to live a traditional life with?”


-The rural areas are still full of them. I found mine when I moved to Montana

-Go to the math department of any university.

-Yeah, probably won’t be easy considering how most modern women live their lives these days. Don’t lose hope and settle for less my dude.

-Sure, just go back in time and be a teenager about 30 or more years ago, and marry your latin mass attending high school sweetheart. Or did you mean find a virgin white girl who wants a trad marriage today? Yeah right, faggot, you’re fucked there, lol.

-Definitely possible, but hard. It gets easier if you are Christian and go to church, but there are good agnostic/atheist white women. I personally know several.

MY COMMENTS: Jesus Christ these fucking losers are pathetic. Go find a girl at church? Yeah great idea. Most church girls are whores who fucked 500 men during their 20s and then when they hit 30, got fat, realized they need to find a stupid beta male to marry ASAP who will be their financial provider, and they realize that such stupid beta males only exist in Christian churches anymore. Most secular men who aren’t retarded christians know that modern women are trash and would rather be single or go to Asia for a wife. Church women are literally the biggest whores. You’d be better off marrying a prostitute from a brothel in Nevada than a stupid church girl.