White Women Are Incapable of Being Warm Caring Mothers

bad moms

Brown women are far more nurturing than white women, who are heartless, vicious, and sadistic. The very concept of a mother is supposed to be a warm, caring, nurturing woman. I’ve never met such a woman who is white, having grown up in a white-only community and met 100s or 1000s of people.

This is why the white race is fucked up, because we are raised by vicious sadistic women. White women are genetically incapable of being a nurturing mother, they cannot but help in a vicious sadistic manner. The only solution is to make the white race go extinct. And if you want to psycho-analyze it, white men are looking for that warmth that we never knew as a child in brown women. Perhaps THIS is why it triggers white women so much, because we are defacto saying that they are genetically incapable of being warm and thus we rejected the entire race.

White women are also weak, they cannot exist without the government defending them. So we cannot even verbally criticize white women because white women have been given a privileged position by white men so that the entire fucking militarized government is standing behind them, ready to defend them. The only option is to just not play the game, and find women who actually behave like real women (non white women). Literally, you cannot even verbally speak anything negative about white women nowadays, that is how feminist the Western culture has become. This is pure white supremacy. White women are the source of nazism.

Anyway, only beta male weak white men marry white women anymore, so they fully deserve to get their life destroyed in divorce, for being so weak and stupid in the first place. Let the idiot betas get their lives ruined, all the intelligent white men have already married brown women.