White Women are Literally Pure Evil at This Point

white female monsters

I don’t know which state you guys live in but now Tennessee and Kentucky are run by liberals and demanding mass immigration. These are flyover states, which is why I am so surprised by this. Basically, the situation is this. You have white women voting for open borders, aka white women voting to import black and brown men to have sex with, and then demanding that white men pay for it, pay for these immigrants to live for free. Can you even imagine how evil and selfish white women are? Imagine if you had a white wife, and she demanded that you pay for her black boyfriend to live in your house and fuck her and that you should shut the fuck up and not complain about it or else you’re an evil racist? White women are pure fucking evil at this point. Any white man who defends or white-knights for white women is a piece of scum who deserves to get raped by niggers.

White women are simply pure evil at this point.