White Women are Niggers

white whores

White women are literally niggers. Why does it seem like an Asian woman is less likely to destroy a white man’s life than white women nowadays? Everything about American culture caters to women. EVERYTHING. The truth about people who think the system is “anti-white” is that it isn’t anti-white, it’s anti-male. The statistical gaps in how races get treated are nothing in comparison to how the two genders get treated. Stop supporting the system that places all social power into the hands of women and makes a culture of men who are obedient dogs for pussy, and suddenly the feminazi bullshit will collapse.

Why are white women like this? I remember reading in history class that white women would have secret affairs (back when they lynched blacks) and if they got caught they would simply say they were raped and the black dude would be lynched Like really what the fuck? Even when white women had no rights they were psychotic. What’s wrong with them?

White women are basically niggers, they are uncivilized subhumans who are destroying the Western civilization which white men built. This man understands their nature. They want white men to feel betrayed; it’s a shit test. They couldn’t give less of a fuck about niggers. They want their desirability and white male masuclinity reaffirmed by having white men straighten them out. They really can’t stand how much Asian pussy white men drown in because it fucks the entire shit test up and keeps them crawling back.

I don’t give a fuck what white women do. I only care about asian women!